Why NFTs

TL;DR Our books are available via traditional channels (e.g. Amazon or other retailers), and purchasing NFTs is not required to read our books. However, for bleeding edge adopters who want extra benefits, we are selling NFTs.

Round Robin Publishing is using utility NFTs as a means to provide early supporters with some unique benefits, but we are still prioritizing book sales via traditional channels, as well. We've lazy-minted all NFTs to make sure they don't actually end up on-chain (and therefore avoid the energy consumption needed to mint them) until someone decides to buy, and we are hopeful that the upcoming changes slated for Ethereum will make blockchain transactions more environmentally friendly.

By providing tangible benefits and unlockables to Round Robin pass-holders (beyond just the artwork itself), we are hoping to minimize the speculative nature of this set of NFTs. These are not profile pic NFTs, but digital passes that support Round Robin Publishing while unlocking physical and digital items. As with many technical areas, there are bad actors operating in the space, so people interested in NFTs should only purchase passes from our official collection. When in doubt, we recommend people simply purchase our books from traditional channels (e.g. Amazon or other retailers). But for people who are interested in the potential of NFTs and who want to provide an extra level of support, the option is available to them.