Round Robin Passes

Help support Round Robin Publishing by purchasing one of our alpha passes. Get free ebooks, hardcovers, swag, and more. All passes are for sale here.

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How to Purchase and Claim Pass Benefits

  • Explore the different Round Robin passes on this page and decide which type of pass you'd like.
  • Purchase a Round Robin pass from OpenSea
  • Click here to join our private Discord server. This is where you can redeem the all current and future rewards for your specific pass.
  • Once you have joined the Discord server, go to the #welcome channel to learn how to join the private channel for your specific pass
  • Redeem all rewards and benefits associated with your pass :)

Book Passes

A description of our book passes (issued as NFTs) can be found below. Remember, only purchase from our official collection.


Growth Pass

Behind the scenes access to our publishing business, book development process, and a Zoom chat with the founder of Round Robin Publishing, Mitch Seymour. Purchase here.

Robinhood Pass

Free ebooks for life on all future titles! Purchase here.

Royalty Pass

Royalty Pass

Free hardcovers and ebooks for life on all future titles, plus exclusive swag! Purchase here.

Friendship Pass

A very limited edition pass (10 total) to support a Ukrainian toymaker whose business was upended by the war. Each figure is handmade from our friend in Kyiv, using natural sheep wool that is also sourced from Ukraine. Each figure takes up to 2 weeks to create and you can choose either Emi (rabbit) or Nixie (otter). Pictures here:

In addition to a handmade felt animal, you will get free ebooks and hardcovers for life, plus access to a private Discord channel on the Round Robin Discord server.

Explorer Pass

Access to exclusive art packs (concept art, unpublished art) and early access to all future titles. Purchase here.

Experimental pass

Experimental Pass

Access to early drafts and experimental works of art and writing. Purchase here.

Dark Knight pass

Dark Knight Pass

Early access (at least 1 month in advance) for all future titles. Purchase here.